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10 minutes vegan raspberry and dark chocolate ganache

This is a good way to use your left over fruit in the house, a good way to let them eat some fruit, and an original way to mix chocolate and healthy lifestyle.

Very simple steps and quick to be made.

Ingredients are:

  1. 250 gr coconut cream

  2. 250 gr 70% dark chocolate

  3. 250 gr fresh raspberries ( frozen it’s fine too)

  4. 20 gr coconut oil

  5. 30 gr cane sugar

  6. Preparation is very simple, doesn’t require many pastry skills. It will be very simple if you follow my way and the steps below:

  7. boil the coconut cream and the raspberry into a medium size sauce pan, add the chopped dark chocolate.

  1. Let the ganache set In the fridge over night and enjoy it as you like it.

  2. Perfect with biscuits, sponge cakes, pancakes, and so on. Do not put limitation at your creativity.

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