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10 tips for your sourdough, part 2.

7. Your bread burns mainly for two reasons, your temperature is too high or the actual recipe has to much sugars. Simply reduce your oven temperature by 20° degrees and you will definitely see some great improvements, otherwise cover it with some foil.

8. Your bread is doughy, and honestly we all go through that stage many times at the beginning. Especially when our dough is too sticky and we add flour to help the dough to do not stick to our hands and surface. Try and use a recipe with at least 64-68% hydration to start with. You can slowly increase the water content as you get more familiar with sticky dough. But please never add excess flour. It is not needed. The unopened crumb is caused by not enough fermentation. Sourdough is an art of patience and time.

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Said that I want to reward you with a new method I have been using recently which is retarded cold baking (RCB). Basically once my sourdough is mixed and knead, I leave it out at room temperature in the proving baskets for 15 minutes, than rest it over night in the cool room or home fridge.

In the morning I’ll turn the oven on at around 250°c Celsius warm it up and add a baking tray with some water to create some additional steam.

Slide my bread on my stone baking tray and bake it until it is ready.

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