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A Sky full of stars

Conscious of the beauty of the sky full of stars. Conscious of the beauty that we are able to witness.

Everyday we as humans have this incredible opportunity to admire the incredible work of art that Mother Nature did with this planet.

Every creature, plant and phenomenon has its own Meaning. Even though some time is tough, I believe, nature does nothing wrong.

Everything is part of a mathematical equation of natural perfect imperfections.

Humans are part of this ecosystem of beauty, love, admiration and flow. We should only become aware of this great gift that we all have.

The gift of perceiving, the gift of being able to watch and being spectator of Universe’s wonders.

This wonderful Universe has through humans given a name to things and emotions, has given a colora to flowers and animal, and most important has given an energy to all.

The flowing energy of love and compassion.

We love what we like, instead of liking to love unconditionally. But, I believe we can evolve, some of us are already witnesses of this next chapter of human evolution.

We are finally walking back on the road to consciousness and wisdom, where spirits are able to receive knowledge through their mind and becoming aware of this power.

A road that thousand of years ago was already walked by ancient wise civilisation, which have left marks of a superior power in stone. History begun with them and we learnt to write to do not forget, to remember.

A power that cannot be defeated, a power that cannot be hidden. A power that must be shared with everyone to be able to pursuit our purpose of evolving within.

It’s the power of faith, it’s the power of love, it’s the power of wisdom, it’s the power of awareness, it’s the power of being.

It’s one only power that sums all of this together:

The power of care.

The beauty of this planet is magnificent and has been written for thousands of years to protect it.

Uncountable great things happen everyday, but we take them for granted, we don’t noticed millions of things.

Finally What we really see is just a little speck of the entire existence, of the entire happening.

The beauty of nature is the beauty of existence.

Real meaning of life is being able to admire Mother Nature creation in any corner.

With Love in my heart.

Take care, Giuseppe Nasti.

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