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Appreciate your circumstance now.

We must all be able to understand what our purpose is, for us, for our families and especially for the world. Our purpose is to serv and not to become rich or successful. Universe will definitely reward us if we are going to full fill our purpose and to help the humanity. Everyone’s purpose is meant to be something that helps the world to progress forward. Technology, chemistry, holistic medicine, and spirituality are just some of the fields that have improved the planet life and people. The Awareness of the now and the understanding of the needs of Earth are fundamental topics to speak about everyday. We have the energy and the tools to create an unique mental force called master mind. Master mind is that mechanism that increases the power and the efficiency of a thought. The more people think about the same goal the quicker the result will appear. But after said this let’s go back to our life’s purposes.

Fortunately Universe has given us the capability to understand Omens to discover our purpose. Omens are often little signals that we receive, especially when we are about to give up at something that we really want to achieve, or something that we really want to discover and understand, or something that we want to create or also something that we want to develop. Intuitions, ideas, images, and sounds are omens that we have to pay attention to, and when you less expect what you wanted to know will appear in Front of you.

Accept the circumstance you are living now in, understand that your job, your family, your friends and everything else, I really mean everything are just happening at the perfect time in the right place, for you to learn what you need to know to achieve your life dream( that you probably do not even know yet). Still you will understand this perspective of life only when you will be opening your heart to your ideas; you will understand it when you will allow your soul to speak for its self and when you will quite down all your distractions. Love your life in acceptance of your circumstances. Believe that you are here for a greater purpose, to create a better world. I believe these are the lessons that we need to achieve what’s already written for us.

The purpose is written, the journey though is in your hands, the harder you work and the easier you will allow your self to flow with your experiences, the better and more fulfilling will be the achievement of your purpose. Probably quicker too.

Become aware of the now, be grateful, be kind, practise meditation, pray, smile, laugh, exercise, rest est well and drink lots of water and make what makes you happy, these are the basics to purpose achievement.

One last thing and piece of advise is: think what you want most of the time and forget what you don’t want. Feed only your desire not your fears.

And as I always say

Passion and Love Giuseppe Nasti.

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