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Be proud of being sorry

Pride is good if well thought, pride is healthy if humble. Pride is noble if not showed. Pride is important if put aside. Pride heals the scars if kept behind you.

Do you believe that you are more important than anyone else?

Do you believe that you are always right?

Do you believe that you are not wrong?

Do you believe that I am wrong?

I deeply believe that pride doesn’t help getting better.

We can save our self, our friendships, our relationships, our marriages, everything else, just by putting pride behind us, forgetting about how you feel.

When somebody hurts your feelings, when somebody doesn’t respect you, don’t fight back, practise the path of least resistance. That’s the most amazing and quicker way to get things, relations, issues, problems sorted out.

Solve your own fight in your mind, do not wait to say sorry, do not wait until the other person or relative or friend say sorry. Just do not wait, do not procrastinate. Do not give up a relationship for a mistake. Do not feel anger for something that happened in the past, no one can change it.

Do anything in your power to fix what happened, do the most you can possibly do to get closer to your friend, love everyone like Universe and God do. No one is better than the other. We are just everyone the best we could be. Everyday.

Make today the day of your change, make Today the day when you will be proud of your self, proud to be sorry to have put your pride behind you. You are now a better human, a wiser soul, a sweeter angel. You have acted with love. Love love love.

Say today I’m proud of my self of being sorry to put my pride away and take charge of my life.

Finally, with love and passion

Giuseppe Nasti.

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