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Butterfly wisdom

This article is based on a true story, a small fragment of my life today 6/3/2018, I was driving toward an amazing day of my life. A day of passion and understanding. I was thinking about how animals are able to enjoy the moment, how they can be no worried about tomorrow, how they are able to appreciate a single ray of sun.

They are able to allow their lives to evolve and unfold for them without pushing or stressing. I came to the conclusion that They really know the Universal language.

So I was driving and I was thinking and not enjoining the moment, the crawling caterpillar came to my mind. Especially the metamorphosis from caterpillar to butterfly.

The Caterpillar is willing to give up everything he knows to become a butterfly. It knows that it’s life as a caterpillar is arriving to an end but that, in its heart is more important than anything else. It feels that something greater is coming for it. It believes that life doesn’t end where everyone else thinks. It is just going to be a new beginning. It is going to fly, it is going to be a butterfly, it is going to feed itself on the divine flower nectar. The greater gift of flying, after a life of crawling, is going to take him to discover its purpose.

See human existence in this… this analogy is the course of our life’s.

Instead of allowing our self to chose what we want, we resist what we don’t want. Instead of desiring what we dream, we fear what we don’t know. It is just wasted time, lost in search for happiness, lost in the search of bigger things, material things. In the belief that tomorrow is going to give something that you don’t have today.

There is a way to happiness and wisdom, it is now, only today, only this present second is giving you the understanding of what you are missing and lacking, but it is also the only second of your life that you are living. This is the time when you are reading this sentence and understanding that you have to awake and allow your self to “be” right now. To do what you feel, to do what you love.

Basically happiness is infinite, comes from love and when you love you cannot be unhappy. When Universe loves you, you cannot be unhappy, you are never alone, there is always something there helping you. It’s a source of interminable happiness.

Live your day to the fullness, be smart and chose what makes you healthier. Mindly healthier. Your happiness is here, now, within you. You have to understand that it is already there, you are love, and you carry it with you. So give it without hesitation, without being afraid of not receive it back. You will. You will be paid your love coins back when you’d have learnt to love your self first.

I have found my happiness and my calmness within. Everyone can.

Let your life and your heart lead you where you belong, like the caterpillar follows its heart so shall you. Let your life unfold naturally with no resistance. You just have to open the book of your life, then write your own story, your dream, your desire, your image of happiness and everything will seem clearer in your eyes.

Live, loving now.

With love and Happiness

Giuseppe Nasti

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