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Catherine the home baker

Catherine the homebaker

Giuseppe decided to find the 50 best bakers around the world that have decided in the past to exposes them selves on the social media platforms, and become really influential or showing great effort and determinations and discipline into their life, baking and cooking.

With this first interview starts a new chapter into our website, we want to provide more content and advise for those people who love baking and cooking, for those people who are looking for more resources and information about the topic of baking and cooking.

The Star of the Day is Katarina a full time mum from Slovakia, on maternity leave, that has found the time and passion to bake wonderful sourdough bread for her family, friends and neighbors. A side gig, that she hopes, one day could become her main source of income.

We have recorded a podcast with her after a phone interview and here is the link to listen to all that she had to say. Very useful knowledge and for those more interested and willing to try something different, she agreed to share with us her best recipe for the potato sourdough bread that her family love so much. Listen to the interview on our podcast here and subscribe, do do not lose the next interview.

Read the full interview down below.

Joe: How long have you been baking for?

Kat: I tried my first sourdough-bake attempts about 2 years ago, but with no success. Then I stayed at home on maternity leave and I wanted to try sourdough baking again. So I baked my sourdough breads for about 9 months.

Joe: How have you started baking?

Kat: I remember the smell and the taste of homemade bread, because my mother used to bake bread for us, when I was a child. It was a great experience and a lovely memory, which I wanted to share with my family now. That is I how I started baking.

Joe: Has anybody made sparkle this passion within you?

Kat: Yes, well, the first was my mother, as I mentioned above. But she used yeast for baking bread. I wanted to bake sourdough breads and big inspiration for me were boys from Chleba Brno ( I read an article about them and about sourdough breads with long fermentation they use to for their baking. So I said to myself, this is something I want to try. They bake according to Chad Robertson, so I bought his Tartine book and started to bake my own breads

Joe: What’s the bread that you love baking the most?

Kat:I really love to bake potato bread and Chad Robertson’s Country bread.

Joe:Why is this the best bread?

Kat: Because these breads are so fluffy and soft, I love their milky taste with little sour flavor. And I love to see the open crust after baking. These breads are some piece of art for me.

Joe: What’s the second-best good that you love baking the most?

Kat: Brioche :).

Joe: What do you think you are the best at baking?

Kat: Definitely potato bread.

Joe:When do you usually bake?

Kat: I start baking in the morning, about 8 am. I bake bread by bread, so it takes a few hours to bake all daily batches.

Joe:If you have a busy lifestyle how do you organize your schedule to bake?

Kat: I am on maternity leave with a very wild little son, so it isn’t always easy to bake. But I have my own schedule which work so far. I make a starter in the morning and let it rest for about 8 hours. In the afternoon, I mix flour with water to autolyse and I let it rest for about 2 hours. In the evening I mix the starter with the dough and some other ingredients, fold it for next 3 hours and I prepare the dough for night fermentation in the fridge. In the morning the dough is ready to bake.

Joe: How often do you usually bake?

Kat: About 7-8 loaves a week, all in one or 2 days.

Joe: If you’d have to give one tip to our audience, what would you share that would change their baking journey forever?

Kat: Well, in my case, everything has changed for me when I start using the dutch oven 🙂 After that, every bread is so perfectly baked, so fluffy and so beautiful. It makes me really happy :).

Joe: What do you wish you knew before starting baking, that you had discovered only along the way?

Kat: Honestly, there is nothing I wish I knew in the beginning. I love to learn new things during the process. When I found out something new, I am always so nicely surprised. Sourdough baking is really a lovely alchemy.

Joe: What’s the best book you’d suggest to our audience to read?

Kat: Definitely Tartine bread by Chad Robertson.

Joe: Do you watch any baking program?

Kat: Honestly, I don’t. I am inspired by some instagram influencers.

Joe: What’s the best address you would like the audience to contact you for for more informions and tips?


The potato sourdough recipe.


1 table spoon classic wheat starter 100% hydro

1 table spoon lievito madre starter 50% hydro (I am using combination of these starters in all my recipes)

100 g wholewheat flour

100 g bread flour

100 g water room temperature (filtered, boiled or water for babies)

Mix the ingredients for levain and let it rest for 8-10 hours in room temperature.


150 g levain

300 g white flour

300 g bread flour

1 mashed potato

Water 65 % of the flour content at room temperature

50 g oil

2 coffee spoons salt and cumin

Mix the flour, cumin and water and let it to autolyse for 2 hours. Ad mature levain and mix together well (I use hand mixing). Let it rest for about 30 min to 1 hour. Ad mashed potato and salt and mix well. Let it rest for about 3-4 hours in room temperature with 3 times folding. After that transfer the dough on the board and let it rest for about 30 minutes. Use your technigue to roll the dough into the bread form and let it ferment in the fridge for at least 12 hours. For baking, use the dutch oven. Preheat the oven for 275 degrees (celsium) with the dutch oven inside, with the pot lid on it. When the oven is ready, put the dough inside the dutch oven and bake it covered for 25 min. After that, uncover the dutch oven and cool temperature for 210 degrees. Bake the bread for next 30 minutes.

You can find me on my facebook group Catherine the homebaker ( or on my instagram page Catherine the homebaker (

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