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Catherine the sourdough-art-ist.

Catherine the sourdough-art-ist

45 years of experience and service to the art of baking

Catherine is a wonderful woman that lives in Vancouver, in Canada and her craft is influenced by her European Heritage and by her Economic teacher. She started cooking very young, at the age of 13.

Year after year the experience grows and widens in the direction of baking. She says that her father is a wonderful baker and they had a business for 45 years. Listen to her philosophy of baking and find out who is her true sourdough inspiration.

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Joe:How long have you been baking for? *

CAt: ive been baking for 45 years

Joe: How have you started baking?

Cat: When I was 14 I made Christmas dinner for the family and that’s when I fell in love with cooking and baking and haven’t looked back since.

Joe: Has anybody made sparkle this passion within you?

Cat: Yes, my home economics teacher inspired me to see cooking as something effortless and baking something magical. My parents were hard working immigrants and appreciated me cooking and baking because it real helped my mother out.

Joe: What’s the bread that you love baking the most?

Cat:Sourdough bread.

Joe: Why is this the best bread?

Cat: It’s the healthiest bread in my view. The benefits to our gut health is unmatched by any other bread.

Joe: What’s the second-best good that you love baking the most?

Cat: Sourdough crackers and birthday cakes

Joe: What do you think you are the best at baking?

Cat: Sourdough bread. That’s what my family says anyway.

Some of her fantastic scored creations

Joe: When do you usually bake?

Cat: On Monday, Wednesday and Sunday

Joe: If you have a busy lifestyle how do you organize your schedule to bake?

Cat: I simplify it. I let the starter work it’s magic in the morning and do easy step at intervals throughout the day.To me making bread is therapeutic.

Joe: How often do you usually bake?

Cat: Every second day. I try.

Joe: If you’d have to give one tip to our audience, what would you share that would change their baking journey forever?

Cat: Trust your instincts about whether your starter is good to use. Use high organic protein flours. Use exotic waters. Make sure everything is organic and pure especially the water. Learn a kneading method that works well. Love every step of the bread making process.

Joe: What do you wish you knew before starting baking, that you had discovered only along the way?

Cat: How the dough should feel and handle. Only time and experience provides that.

Joe: What’s the best book you’d suggest to our audience to read?

Cat: “Tartine” Bread by Chad Robertson

Chad Robertson is a baker that started his career in California.

Joe: Do you watch any baking program?

Cat: Mostly YouTube videos on scoring bread

Joe: What’s the best way the audience can reach you?

Cat: Through social media Instagram social network name @Sourdougharts. Facebook social network name Cathidourmasstipancik

Down below, Cathi has kindly shared her 2 favorite recipes; the second one is the one for the crackers. Try it guys because it is great.

Cathi’s Sourdough Bread 🥖 Recipe:

  1. 200g Starter (fed with 50g organic white flour and 60g red fife)

  2. 400g organic white flour

  3. 150g organic sifted red fife flour

  4. 50g organic khorasan flour

  5. 50g organic whole wheat organic red spring wheat

  6. 400g pure clear water

  7. 5g Pink Himalayan fine salt.

Instructions : 7am. Take out starter and let it come to room temperature. 9am add the flour and water to starter. When the starter had doubled in size and is airy enough to float means that it’s now ready to use. This takes approximately 2-4 hours, depending on the time of year.

1pm start the autolyse process by kneading the dough and letting it rest for 1-3 hours.

3pm bring the starter and dough together. Let sit.

4pm add the salt knead the dough for 20-30 min.

6pm stretch the dough

7pm stretch the dough

8pm divide dough into 2 balls and stretch the dough.

9pm do final stretch and place into banettons and proof for 12-36 hours.

Baking day Preheat oven and Dutch ovens to 460 degrees F or 240 degrees C. Fill a pan with water and place in oven for steam. Let bread come to room temperature for 30 mins. Score bread. Place scored bread carefully in Dutch oven. Place back in oven with lid on for 14 minutes. After 14 mins remove lid and bake bread for another 14 minutes with lid off. Remove from oven after time is up. Let cool. Enjoy.

Cathi’s Sourdough crackers

Sourdough crackers, images from instagram.

  1. 250g whole wheat flour

  2. 250g sourdough discard

  3. 75g multigrain mix or seeds of your choice

  4. 5g sea salt

  5. 90g avocado oil

Add herbs of choice as well

Mix all ingredients together and divide into four balls. Roll balls very thin. Use cookie cutter or a pizza wheel to cut into desired shape. Pierce crackers With a fork. Sprinkle with coarse sea salt. Bake for 10-12 min at 350 degrees F or 170 degrees C.

I am very grateful and honoured. Sincerely,Cathi Stipancik

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Hope you love this other interview too. I also hope that all these information are going to help you in your cooking and baking journey.

With love Giuseppe

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