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Chapati flat bread

Are you feeling like a flat bread night? I know sometimes you watch a commercial and you craving them, o you see them at a friend house and you think, why not? That is a great idea to make CHAPATI FLAT BREAD, at home.

So that happened to me and I quickly developed this recipe, and because I love my fermentation I also added some sourdough starter, I’m addicted to it. It is not essential, but I like the flavour of the starter.


  1. 500 gr plain flour

  2. 250 gr water

  3. 1 teaspoon sea salt

  4. 2 tbs olive oil

  5. 20 gr sourdough starter


To start with mix water olive oil and starter, add the flour and roughly mix the dough into a bowl until it is chunky.

Now rest it for 10 minutes to let to dough relax and it will be easier to knead.

Prepare a solution of 20 gr of water and the salt and add that to the dough and start mixing it and then procede kneading it for 10 minutes.

Rest for 30 minutes and cut into 70 gr balls. Roll them round and cover them with a nice moist towel.

Heat up on medium heat a pan, using a tolling pin start by rolling your chapati evenly and thinly.

Cook them until some brown blisters appear on the side facing the flame, flip them over and follow the same advice.

While you cook them keep them cuddled into a towel to let them stay warm and flexible.

Enjoy your dinner or meal.

Take care Giuseppe

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