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Consistency is the path to greatness and trust.

That is what you are aiming for: Legacy.

Disciplines, focus and consistency are the most important skills you need to write on your agenda. From now on keep in mind that if you want to create and achieve your dream you have to be mentally there as lo g as possible, work hard and consistently every day. Make sure you also use only your time and not your family time, giving them space and time in your life is something very precious that you absolutely don’t want to lose. Everyone in this Universe has achieved success following a routine.

After a while of practising your routine, your subconscious mind, begins to do things automatically. It is like a plane flying in autopilot.

My technique is very simple, I call it the baby steps. Babies before they start running they have to learn to walk. As simple as that. You can push as much as you want but the wait will be necessary, you’ll learn to take your time, to be able of mastering one skill after the other. You will need to be patient and strong, determined and focused. Rome wasn’t build in a Day. As an old Shaolin monk said: I’m not scared of the 1000 techniques you’ve practised once, but I’m very concerned of the punch that you practised a 1000 times. So practise your skills many times, don’t assume that you have learnt something after one day.

First of all- write down your goal/s, and write what you are willing to give to get there. Every week update it and write what you are willing to give( give up or increase in effort) to get to your goals again, do this for the rest of your life, or at least until your dreams list has been completely ticked off.

Second- every day when you wake up say thank you for what you have already, say thank you in advance for what you desire. Say thank you for humility, for patience, for love, for respect, for health, for wealth, for knowledge, for everything comes to your mind.

Third- do physical exercise, this is the part where your body respond easier, your brain will be satisfied and your mind will absorb your routine. I started with 10 push-ups every day, after 2 weeks I increased to twice a day, after 3 weeks o added 10 sit-ups. My mind remembers and my body responds happily and healthy.

Forth- do at least twice a week fasting, conscious fasting, and for fasting I mean don’t put anything into your mouth that gives you calories, you can drink, teas, black coffee, or water, no sweetener or sugar are allowed on these drinks. You can find more informations about this method here: remember to eat only when you are hungry, and hydrate your body with lots of water.

Fifth- rest enough. No one muscle in our body grows without resting, it is very important that also our brain rests.

Sixth- brain testing/ meditation. Meditation is a technique we use to rest our mind, to rest our thoughts, to make clarity, In Our brain. We are super cool beings.

Consistency is just a form of habit, of right balanced and properly chosen habits, ethically and lawfully. Everything that we repeat for a long amount of time, always improves and evolves , you become better and you like it better too. It will probably become automatic to do exercise, automatic to say thank you first thing in the morning and last thing at night.

Let your dreams, drive you, Let you dream become special, make your dream become unique.

Spread your kindness, your knowledge, your quality, do not hold onto them, sharing is caring. You’ll be rewarded for your generosity. You’ll be rewarded by your own consistency. Everyone will trust you, will trust your system, your actions and everyone will respect you because you have a routine that made you become a greater version of your self. Believe in your consistency, and be the first one to trust your self. Be loved for what you give, for who you are. That will be your Legacy of love and respect.

With love and passion I say thanks to all of you who take time to read my thoughts.


Giuseppe Nasti

(Photo credit to the owner)

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