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Cranberries pistachio and rose water

This is the 4th recipe of a series of 7 recipes. If you want to see them all make sure you come back. We have already created these ones:

  1. Sultanas and citrus sourdough

  2. Candied ginger and walnut sourdough

  3. Prunes and earl grey tea sourdough

The recipe of today is influenced by middle eastern perfumes with fragrances of roses, pistachio and cranberries. I would serve this one with some vanilla scented mascarpone .

The recipe slightly changes from the one made with candied citrus and sultanas sourdough.


  1. 1 kg white flour

  2. 700 gr water

  3. 100 gr pistachio kernels (chopped)

  4. 150 gr cranberries

  5. 20 gr salt

  6. 350 gr sourdough starter

  7. 2 table spoons of rose water


As usual, if you use a stand mixer or a professional dough mixer, you can leave the salt out and mix all the ingredients together for about 7-8 minutes. Autolyse for 20 minutes then add the salt and mix for another 7.

You then take it out of the machine and rest it in a container for about 2 hours and folding it 6 times.

Method by hand

If you mixing by hand, leave on the side the nuts, the cranberries and salt, we will add them later.

So, dissolve the starter into the water add the rose water and the flour, mix until crumbly then add the salt.

Slightly knead for a couple of minutes and rest for 20 minutes. After this time add the pistachio and cranberries in any folds that you will be doing. Fold it 6 or 8 times in next 2 hours.

Bulk proof for about 16 hours in a cold environment (fridge is perfect).

Remove from the fridge and then bring to room temperature, cut into 2-3 pieces, depending on the size that you want your loaves.

Slightly fold it and roll it delicately. Put into a dusted proving basket and prove for 2 hours.

At this point you can either put it back into the fridge and follow with another 8 hours bulk fermentation or bake it directly.

For fruit sourdough I use cold oven, set to 230°C and for 750 gr of loaf weight I bake for 35-40 minutes. Also remember to put water in a baking tray to create steam during the beginning of the bake.

If you see that the bread is getting too much colour on the crust cover it with some foil. To garnish the top glaze the crust with a syrup glaze and sprinkle some rose petals.

This is the 4th of 7 recipes that you are going to read and hopefully try this week, so stay tuned and if you don’t want to miss any of the following ones make sure you subscribe to this blog and become part of our Facebook Group.

with baking love,

I’ll see you soon, take care


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