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Don’t get stuck in the last moment.

A lighting has just struck me. It hit me pleasantly in the nose. I’m crying. I’m crying tears of joy because I understood what is the humanity most common problem.

It is to get stuck in the last thought your mind has produced. It is to be stuck in a thought that resides in the past. It is you thinking about something nice or bad happened in the past. It is to not being able of keep moving forward. It is just like miss your bus station or your train station. What happens in that circumstance? If you want to get to the point that you aimed for, you need to find alternative and quicker ways. You need to stress your self because you will not be on time. That is sad and not necessary.

As we all know stress is a fundamental aspect of our modern life. We can get rid of it because of environmental issues, but we can reduce the amount we expose ourself to.

Simple awareness is the key. I will never get tired of saying: ” become aware, be aware.” It’s important to reduce your stress levels. Stress is the cause of many problems and illness in these days.

What happened to me this morning was clear. I want to make a very vivid example of my personal experience. I was coming back home from my jogging session and a thought came to my mind, inherent to work, it took away awareness, I have felt like a muppet, controlled by my own mind. It took away my connection to Universe for a very short time, but it felt super long. I felt like: imagine if I lived controlled by my own mind for so many years.

It’s time to take my own control of the mind.

As soon as I got back to be aware I felt new, enlightened (even though was still dark at 5:40 AM), aware, capable of controlling my mind, I felt present, I felt in flow with Universe. I have never experienced such a thing.

So today I have learnt few things.

  1. Life is surprising

  2. Awareness is essential

  3. Mind control is primarily

  4. That I wanna have more of these experiences.

  5. Today most of all I have learnt that, we all have the opportunity to learn. But how we learn and what we learn is only up to our availability of being ready to understand new things, feelings and sensations.

  6. We get given knowledge and wisdom only when we have the capability to practise it and to spread it around.

  1. I hope this message will change your day today as it changed mine.

  2. Until next time

  3. Be kind and lovable

  4. Take care

  5. Giuseppe Nasti.

  6. Photo credit to the creator.

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