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Edu Lavandeira, The sourdough blogger that shares his Galician heritage thorough his bread.

Edu has surprised me a lot for 2 main reasons: the love that he has for local sourdough history and for the meticulous research that he puts in place to purchase particular local flour.

It is fascinating to hear somebody else’s baking experience. You can see your struggles, you can learn something more, you can find out solutions to difficulties that you’ve found along the way.

Be prepared for a lot of waste of flour and giving away a lot of bread. Do not loose faith because your so wanted dream is usually around the corner , just after the obstacle.

Stop the chats and lets write the interview that we had:

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Joe: How long have you been baking for?

Edu: 5 years

Joe: How have you started baking?

Edu: I like cooking… while I was learning how to cook different things and prepare different dishes I discovered through the book “Pan Casero” (Ibán Yarza) the amazing process to bake bread.

Joe: Has anybody made sparkle this passion within you?

Edu: Yes, ( explain in the next question)No, (how did you find this passion?)From the previous question *Indirectly, via his book, Ibán Yarza, author of “Pan Casero”.

Joe: What’s the bread that you love baking the most? *Pan galego Why is this the best bread?

Edu: It´s the typical bread from my region, Galicia, northwest of Spain. The best bread in my country, no doubt.

Joe: What’s the second-best good that you love baking the most? *Rye bread with walnuts and rasins.

Joe: When do you usually bake?

Edu: I usually refresh my sourdough during the morning. At night I mix, bulk and form, rest in the fridge and the day after, I bake. 24 hours process that are in my daile life. I am not professional.

Joe: If you’d have to give one tip to our audience, what would you share that would change their baking journey forever?

Edu: Be aware of the dough, try to learn from it. There is the key. In the fermentation. It´s all about that. Not the hydration, not the mixing, not the flours. The fermentation.

Joe: What do you wish you knew before starting baking, that you had discovered only along the way?

Edu: I knew nothing. I discovered baking at home is something a bit dangerous because it´s addictive, a kind of a drug. Not joking!

Joe: What’s the best book you’d suggest to our audience to read?

Edu: Pan Casero, Ibán YarzaDo you watch any baking program?

Edu: No! Everything I like from bread baking is on Instagram. The bakers I follow and lover are in my region or on Instagram.

Joe: What’s the best address you would like the audience to contact you for business purposes? *

Edu has been so kind to leave us with a wonderful recipe to try

  1. The recipe Giuseppe!

  2. 500 gr wheat

  3.  250 gr whole wheat

  4. 250 gr fariña do país (galician flour)

  5. 800 gr water

  6. 20 gr salt 

  7. 400 gr sourdough (made by a mix of whole wheat and wheat)

  8. Mix, knead and once it’s ok, bulk for 3 hours at a good temperature (preferably up to 26 degrees. You can put hot water into the oven and bulk it there). After bulk, divide and preshape, rest for 20 minutes. Shape into two loaves and to the fridge for 8-10 hours. Then straight to the preheated oven, at 250 celsius with steam and only hot from above during the first 15-20 minutes and then 1 more hour with hot up too. That’s it! I like it very toast and with a crunchy crust, as you can see! 

If you want to see his Instagram page here is the link.

Thank you so much again for reading this interview and to share this blog with the people that might like the discovery of Sourdough bread.

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