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Fasting and its benefits.

Fasting what a hard topic to talk about.  Hard decision to make, am I going to feel sick or am I going to feel better? Am I going to feel tired or am I going to feel energetic? Why should I fast? Why not? Do you know the benefits? I’m here to tell you this, based on my own experience. Also very important to know that I am not a doctor so don’t take this advice as the only cure for everything. You should always talk to your doctor  if you have a doubt. If you need to take your medicine too. My knowledge are based on my own experience and my own research.

First of all you have to know that fasting is the ancient way of healing any major inflammation and infection. You sure remember when you were a kid and when you felt sick you didn’t want to eat. I do, I remember my self lying in bed and not feeling like eating at all.

Your body heals much faster if it doesn’t start the digestion. Digestion is the process where many organs are used to absorb nutrients out of the food. That also means that most of the energy that we have, gets used by the digestive system. Imagine that an adult intestine is about 6-8 meters long and food can stay in there up to 3 days (especially meat and fish). This all means that digestion uses all your energy.

So getting back to healing, fasting makes sure you concentrate your energy on healing and cleaning your body.

Everything starts by setting up your mind, you need to set up your mind’s goal, you need to be ready, and if you feel ready you will not fail. Let me give you a little help, set your mind for  success by understanding that you are going to make something special for your life, something special for your body, special for your soul. This will change you from the inside out like nothing before. Visualise your self feeling great and being happy to fast.

There are many ways of fasting;

  1. It is water based and the other one is fruit/veg juice based.

  2. Intermittent fasting

  3. Long term fasting

Intermittent fasting consists in having your body free of food for at least 18 hours a day. Possibly having only one meal st night. There is another option for it and is usually based on a 5-2 rule: so you can eat what you want on a ( days routine and have 2 days with full fasting only drinks.

For both body and mind I suggest the intermittent fasting, it is easier, quicker and less invasive for your life style.

You can have as much juice that you want, check my explanation about juices on the link below.

Health starts in your guts and fasting empties them and continues by detoxifying your body. It’s important that you remember to hydrate yourself during this process. It could take as long as 40 days, 30 days, 200 days, it’s up to you. It’s up to how well you feel or how close are you to get closer to your goals.

During this time your body will have increased, immune system, blood cells and  swapped over old cells with new ones, you will have sped up your metabolism, you will have lost the fat containing the toxins, you will have freed you body from guts parasites, you will feel energetic, lighter, and full of natural universal energy. Only trying this healing technique you will understand what I am talking about. Give it a go.

Remember once you want to go back to solids, you have to be patient, I use this method:

Soak ten plums over night in a container with warm water. The day after start by drinking the water where they were contained, after half an hour start by eating one plum, etc. you can also have cold or warm blended soup. You can have   Fruit and vegetable smoothies. All kind of food with fibre.

You will have to eat as much fibre as possible, to get your guts to warm up and start working properly and better again.

After a week of setting up for solid with this conditioning, you can go on in your life with a smile and the power of a new person, first step to a higher self. Believe me.

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