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Feedback addiction

If you worry about what other people think about you, you will always be the prisoner.

– Lao Tsu

Instead of finding the answers by ourselves, we ask for feedbacks around the world. Through social media, social network, internet platform. Life is subjective in people and differs in : flavours, mentality, heritage, sex, spiritual believes, origin, cultural influences, political ideas, and more and more and more.

Why should someone else’s opinion count more than your own? Why pleasing other has become more important than pleasing our self? There is nothing wrong with being happy to please others, but it’s wrong to get effected from people opinions and feedback. I’m not trying to say that generosity is wrong, I’m trying to say that sometimes, what other people, around us, think make us doubt of our own ideas and intuitions.

It is a consideration that made me think about my self. It’s a conversation that everyone should have with their self and see what the answers are. I personally have learnt that opinions are various and personal, so I consider them only if I feel good about it. Feeling is all I believe now, I know that my mind is always trying to trick me and make me overthink.

Are opinion necessary to make a difference?

No, they are not necessary to make a difference. It is you who make the difference. Opinion do make a difference if you give them importance though. Opinion make a difference if what you are doing is meant to be for other people. But do not allow feedback to change what you are aiming for.

If you do it to help others, why should their opinions make a difference. You make a difference with your own actions more than your talking.

Actions become opinions , don’t let somebody’s else opinions rule your world, make your own opinions, rule your own personal world. -Giuseppe Nasti

Why we are addicted to feedbacks?

we are addicted to feedbacks because that give us a high. We are addicted to the feedbacks only when they are good, our mind is tricked by the good sensation that we receive from others feedbacks. We live for the things that makes us feel good. So when you understand that you live at an energy level, you can understand that a positive feedback is going to trigger your mind and give you a boost of adrenaline. In the opposite situations when the feedback is negative, yes you know you can improve the issue, but also the energy delivered by those words is very low and so you will get affected negatively.


Feedbacks are an important part of our life, I don’t want you to do not accept them, but I’m telling you to ask for feedbacks to the right audience. Don’t wait for them on social media or from unknown people.

Spread your knowledge with no limitations , humans have evolved sharing the good and the bad, we need to focus on the good. Ask for feedback on your work, so you can selfishly improve your skills, or you can feel even more dedicated, or you can even feel natural in what you are doing. In this case allow your self to ask for feedback when you want. Choose the receiver because they are in charge.

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Be ready for rejection, there is going to be a lot. But keep working hard towards your goals. Feedbacks are just passing by. Don’t be a prisoner.

Your life decisions are in Your hands. Always.

With love and passion

Giuseppe Nasti

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