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First step to a long healthy life ( life-style)

It’s been a very long time since I wanted to start to write about this matter.

The matter of healthy heating.

I’m a chef and usually a chef is considered: an artist, a scientist, an alchemist, a wizard, a master, a genius. But we actually could, with the right knowledge be the ones who could start a new unstoppable trend.

I’ve decided trough a long introspection, that I want to do something different. I want to share my desire to heal people, I want to share my knowledge, I want to show them the way that I lately discovered. I want to start doing it trough food and kindness, trough happiness and positivity. My job it’s always been one of my loves and one of my priorities, and so lately I felt that my job is leading me in the right way. I live feeding people and giving them satisfactions and pleasures trough my food, but what if I try nourish them and help them get rid of all their illnesses in the same time? I actually want to give them a better life, I want them to discover my world of healthy food, A world that from my point of view is something that could potentially be dangerous to some who don’t trust me and, potentially greatful to those who will follow this path. A path created millions of years ago.

I am saying that everything has helped us evolving in better, but not in all things. If you would help some to kill someone you’ll be put in prison too, you’ll be considered a murderer. Why killing animals doesn’t take us to court or prison? As much as we eat, as much they need to kill to feed those who still eat animals.

My point of view is that we are killers just the way the people who kill the animals are as killer as those who actually kill the animals.

We can all change. I did, I was a real good meat eater, I loved my chargrilled scotch fillet, my T-bone steak or Fiorentina, my Crispy pork belly, my snapper, my barramundi, all my shell fish, and all you can add. I’ve tried another path and I’m feeling incredible.

“My world” of eating is now a world of well being, a world where we are connected with this awesome planet, where we can exchange with it the love that it gives us. This planet has been so much generous with us, giving us so much food to really nourish us, but we are not understanding it, we can’t see it. We are blind for goodness and healthiness, but very attentive on rubbish and junk food. We all need to be awaken. I’m awakening my self and I am feeding my self possibly only with raw fruit and vegetables. Activated nuts and seeds.

Imagine that today someone in every country around the world starts spreading the world that if you eat animals ( meat, fish, cured meat, cured fish, raw or cooked) you WILL DIE tomorrow. What would you do, would you try a DIFFERENT healthy life style? Would you try to live more to spend more time with your friends and loved ones? What if the doctor tells you that you have a cancer and the only way to live is to leave eating your animals protein? Some of you could think: – “I don’t care if I’ll day tomorrow I’ll keep eating what I like”. But why eating something that it’s killing you. Why smoking sigarettes when you know that they are killing you. Not all humans are ready for this change, big change, but who is needs to be awaken. What’s missing in our brain that, we can’t see all the pain that we are generating? We are so lucky to have the honour to live on this planet, but we are actually not enjoying the real life. I believe that this planet even if it often kills us, has the cures for any illness.

Do you know that most of our infections and other health problems start into our intestine (Colon)? Did you know that fasting is the first cure to be detoxified. Is the fastest way to get rid of most of your problems? Headaches, stomachaches, and all these disturbs are created there in our intestine, which is full of toxins. We are saturated with them and we can’t actually eliminate them.

Do you think we really need to be fed that much in a day? Have you ever seen a wild animal, which walks and run all day, having breakfast, lunch and dinner?

Do you know that sharks after their meal fast for 10-15 days?

Do you know that snakes do the same?


Look for it.

So here it’s my first help. Start from adding into your diet, daily diet, as much nourishing food that you can. Blend or juice it it’s the best way. Use this ratio which will help you losing wait or gaining wait, 70% percent vegetables, 30%fruit.

Talk to you soon my friends.


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