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Forgiving: the divine gift

The time when your pride steps in and wants you to give up, remember of the power of this script. The lesson of today is important also for your own happiness, clarity, awareness.

The day I have started forgiving, my soul started to smile naturally, the day I started forgiving, my mind found clarity. It was a powerful moment, living the now and understanding that past problems are there to be handled, solved and go forward. Probably if you are struggling to solve them it is only because you have to forgive. There is probably the need to let go and acknowledge that we can only live one thing, the present. We can and have the right to live this second as best as we can, with no regrets. Don’t allow the doubt to forgive someone to burn your soul.

I also had to personally learn how to forgive, I started by forgiving family, and after one of my ex bosses. You don’t have to let them know that you are going to forgive them, you are the only one who needs to know. Imagine, though that The person that I had to forgive the most is my self. I had to forgive myself because I haven’t done enough until now, because I didn’t know enough yet, because I thought I knew everything, because I wasn’t humble, because I had forgotten to be kind and generous, and because I wasn’t present in my family anymore. So forgiving my self has helped me definitely, radically and powerfully to start a new chapter. This has increased my awareness and acceptance. I started to be more thoughtful about my actions, so shall you be. I started to be more aware of my emotion for people, so shall you be. I started to live with love in every circumstance, keep my self in balance and keeping in mind the simple rule of the law of polarity, so shall you be.

Forgiveness has been deeply introduced into many religions, for thousand of years, every follower of any religion knows that forgiving is a basic skill for any religious person but, really, how many are those who practise forgiveness daily? I’m not here to tell you what to do and don’t. I’m just telling you that forgiveness is necessary to step up, to take your life to a higher vibrational level, where awareness will help you reach the Universe with more depth.

My mission here on this beautiful planet is to make people understand and stimulate them to believe in kindness and positivity, that living a life in balance, respecting nature (that includes any energy source that exists from plants, humans, animals, and objects), caring equally about everything and everyone, loving deeply anything will lead you to your greatness, your higher self.

Universe will always be proud of you, either you will forgive or not. It will never give up on us. But if you’ll forgive, you will be proud of your self. Proud of your gestures.

Start practising forgiveness today, forgive someone. Make small steps, towards this new goal. Increase your own confidence. Put your Ego aside and work it up to your greatest fears.

I believe in you, and you believe in your self too, if you are reading this is because you believe it. You know Inside your heart that this small secret has been know for a thousands of years, and it isn true. Do not waste time and make that phone call with your soul, forgive who you know you need to forgive.

With love, passion and FORGIVENESS.

Giuseppe Nasti.

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