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Get “High” for Real

Drugs and alcohol are the main reasons why I want to write this article.

It is hard to accept it, it is hard to understand it, but it is also important to make it clear that I have tried some myself, and I have also drunk alcohol with the aim to get drunk. I’m not hiding it, I want to preach about my honest, true experiences.

I have been studying universe and it’s power for some time now, and the most important thing that everyone needs to understand is that everything is energy. Energy vibrates, and it vibrates at different frequencies. Every frequency is also floating at a certain level, higher or lower. Every level equals to a state of mind and for so to a state of emotions. If you are happy and full filled you’ll be at the top of the vibration, but if you feel sick or depressed you be at a very low level. Abraham and Jerry Hicks give an amazing example of these different levels calling them flying disks. Easy clear picture.

Somebody out there wants the populations to take drugs and get drunk so that your vibration stay low, dumb and you don’t get successful, you do not achieve what you are meant to achieve, and they don’t lose their big high chairs.

In case you think that you are smart enough, even though you are lowering your vibrations, imagine how much clever you could be, by not using or taking drugs and alcohol. Keep this in mind. Don’t leave them your life. Take it yourself, be your captain.

Stay high not low, vibrationally.

Let’s get high

So let’s get high. What we should be able to understand is that the meaning of “Getting High” is actually wrong. What we think ( drugs and alcohol ) give us a high is actually giving us a low. People don’t know that everything that we put inside our tank(tummy) as fuel ( food, drink, etc) can not only nourish us, but also increase or diminish our frequency? Why? Everything that can kill you has a low frequency, so low that your own energy will drop as soon as you take drugs, or drink alcohol.

So now what should you do to get high? Do what makes you happy in your heart, that keeps you alive. Spend time playing with your kids. Spend time breathing fresh hair, spend time hiking on the hills oxygenating your blood, surf, dive, practise mindfulness, meditation, sky diving.

Be the change that you want to see in the world – Mahatma Gandhi

The highest high

If you really want to get high and achieve high goals in your life you need to shift your emotions. You have to shift how you feel. How you can shift them is actually simple. You have to imagine what really excites you when you think about it. Everyone has different passions: Dancing, kissing, eating, running, cuddling, singing, writing. Think about that and get high. Believe me you’ll feel it. And once you are in that state of mind where you are super high start adding new things that you want in your life, be mindful though, don’t rush, don’t be to greedy, to make this work you have to be patient and slowly add little pieces at the puzzle.

Get High naturally, physically and mentally. You don’t need any other strange ingredient to add salt and pepper at your life. You only need your imagination, you only need to remember that all we need in life is already given to us at birth and all other things are added to create walking zombies, able only to feed the market.

Get up, wake up, hold your life in your hands and get high.

With love and passion

Giuseppe Nasti

( Photo credit to the owner)

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