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How to feed a sourdough starter culture

This is the basic of baking, the most important step, to bake a good piece of bread.

Feeding our starter is many times left as a secondary task to our baking, which it could actually be, in certain cases, but the feeding step is erroneously the most undervalued step of all.

When we feed our starter we are basically asking the wild yeast and bacteria to eat more food to produce more CO2, this yeast not only creates more gas by eating, but some of them have also the ability to reproduce them selves, actually double them selves.

A good increase in number of these elements gives you the possibility to have a nice light sourdough.

The more often you will feed the culture the sweeter will be the flavour and by contrast the less times you feed it the more acidity you will have.

For example when I bake I usually feed the starter twice or sometimes even 3 times in a 24 hours period. My feeding procedure unfolds like this:

  1. I feed my main starter as per routine, usually in 3 lt starter jag, I add 1 cup of water, dissolve everything nicely and then I mix in a cup of flour.

  2. When I can notice some action into the starter I take out 1/3 of the amount that I will need in my recipe and I feed it with same amount of water and flour (for example: 50=50=50)

  3. Next I wait 4-6 hours and feed it again.

  4. I repeat this steps until I see quicker response to feeding by the starter, or either, when I’ve achieved the amount needed for the recipe.

Follow this same routine and you will have a explosive ( in a good sense) response from your starter.

Remember few key points:

  1. Feeding

  2. Watching

  3. Analysing

  4. Feeding again

  5. WatchingAnalysing againMake the dough

This are the basics tips and knowledge that you need to feed whatever starter you have that is equal to a 100% hydration.

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Enjoy your baking


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