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Limitless. You are.

Have you ever felt the sensation that what you are living, doing, making, it is not what you are meant to really be, do or make?

Probably you are someone, though, that has achieved everything he needed, to find its inner self.

If you did, indeed, find your purpose you’ll be able to agree with me or suggest us what better way can be taken and what more could be done to find out our own path.

Universe is limitless. So are we. Because we are just little particles of the Universe and we are made of the same energy and matter. No differences at all. Atoms and quarks floating in the spaces and giving form to different structures of beings. It’s a theory properly explain by Quantum physicist.

Being limitless is an understanding, it is a belief, it is a reward, it is a strength, it is an habit, it is a lifestyle, it is the purpose. These considerations are my discoveries during my search for deeper peace, natural purpose and divine path. I went through reading, watching and listening a huge amount of books, videos and podcast and I still find fascinating the amount of people who are sharing with the world how and when they were able to find their own road. Some of them have become billionaires creating products to help humanity, some of them have written books on spirituality, books that explain the right habits to achieve your dreams, podcast of people who as suffered and through their down times have discovered what they needed. Riches it is not the main point.

Someone shares their techniques, someone shares their theories, someone shares their experiences. One detail that everyone really focus on is our belief, your belief of what you really want, your burning desire to achieve your dreams, the sense for something that you really feel inside, which is calling you.

This presage, omen or feeling is what makes you understand that something is really knocking on your door and waiting for you to open. Universe is there, happy and ready to show the easiest but not simplest way to find/discover/understand your purpose. When this happen we start receiving information, we attract new knowledge, mainly delivered with new people entering your life or other friends telling you about their spiritual awakening etc. More information are entering your brain and feeding your mind, there is nothing more nutritious than sunlight and knowledge for our mind to be feed with. The most important information you are going to receive is the one that you have to believe to be limitless and Universe is ready to deliver what you are entitled to own and what you need to serve humanity.

If at the moment you are still on your hunt for your purpose, don’t lose faith, it will arise when you’ll be ready to understand it. Allow your self to be guided by Universe and your heart. Universe speaks through your heart and soul. Everything happens at the right time. Something that I have also learnt is that not everyone is able to understand this simple topic. Though, I will never stop sharing what my heart is telling me everyday, I will never give up on sharing all I know, even if people will laugh at me, I am not going to be affected by their opinion. I keep believing in my dream, because I know and I feel that one day I will accomplish my task. I will leave this material world the day I will have fulfilled the purpose Universe has given me on this planet to accomplish.

With Passion and Love

Giuseppe Nasti

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