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Love power

We are born because of love or passion.

We survive because of love. We love because love is the only way to have a beautiful, meaningful and happy life. We live our life searching for love, forgetting to love what we already have, believing that love could come from another source other than our self.

I have recently learnt how to love, first my wife, my children, my families, then nature, then Universe, then energy, then my life and everything that I have received from it. I know that this state of mind will go up and down but I now believe that it will change its state just for clear reasons. I accept and live with everything that happens mysteriously in my life believing that all has been attracted to my life, only from my own thoughts and vibrations.

I appreciate everything that happens today. Not worrying about tomorrow. Not looking at the past. What was and what will be are not very important. What counts is the decision that we take right now in this moment. It is nice to have memories that we can keep for the reason of looking at them when we feel that we need some metaphorical hugs or cuddles. It’s important to dream as well but more important that you are creating your future right now appreciating what you have in this moment. I’m happy for the future that I create for those around me, and this makes me realise that the present moment is the only moment that we live.

Being able to put into the Now also a gesture of love everyday will dramatically improve, without asking (unusefull) help to some sort of superior power or entity, your life and your success.

Focus on sharing love in every action or thought. You will rise up on a deeper and higher level of awareness. Without having to seek inspiration from a spiritual master or a guru. You will be your own master, your own inspiration, your own dream catcher, your own cure to depression.

You will slowly developed the attitude to be grateful for little things.

The sun, the water, the wind and its breeze, the rain, the trees, the birds singing in the morning, a kiss, a cuddle, a meal, a hug. These are the material things that counts.

Love whenever you can, whatever you want and whoever you desire.

Smile and laugh whenever you are sad.

With love and belief

Giuseppe Nasti

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