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Meditation for beginners

Imagine your brain as a very very rough ocean, now that’s how your mind normally looks.

Commonly thought to be something that only Gurus or Shaolin monks do, meditation is the art of basically relaxing your mind. Relaxing your mind without being involved in your thoughts.

Somebody years ago told me that meditation is when you try to do not think, I feel like it is quite the opposite. Meditation is simply the art of understanding and let go the thoughts 💭. These images that come into your brain screen are able to change your feeling and mood, by taking over the control of your mind.

Suppose you start meditating ok, and after few second the first thought comes in and takes you to the beach on the Bahamas island… and you keep flying away with it having a mojito on the beach, hugging your partner. That’s when your awareness needs to come in. Every time that you notice that you are drifting away with your thoughts and you come back to be focused that’s what MEDITATION is.

Meditation is equal to awareness, you could actually meditate every time that you feel like. In any environment. You just need to let go of your thoughts, let them be, while you are still on control of them and you don’t drift away with them. Control your mind not your thoughts. You cannot hold them. Thoughts are also the key to life, inventions, and success. You are just giving a break to your consciousness. You are basically living the now. It is also very fine and normal to drift away. But remember that you meditate to be able to see your thoughts not to live them.

There are few tricks that help you to keep your awareness pretty reactive. The most common one is breathing.

I give you my sequence of practise.

I love to sit down on a pillow in my crossed legs position. But you can also seat on a chair or lay down on a couch or in your bed at night. And with my eyes opened I start breathing consciously with my nose 👃. Breath in breath out loudly, feel the air passing throughout your nostrils. After couple of breaths I close my eyes and start my session.

Keep breathing for as long as you feel. There is not a limit of time, 10 seconds could already be a good start especially for someone who never meditated before.

You are now meditating. Remember the trick is to go back to your breathing every time you become aware of yourself being drifted away by your thoughts.

Enjoy your meditation session,

I leave you with one Confuciu’s quote:

Meditating is healthy, persevering is dangerous.

Make your choices wisely.

With love, passion and awareness

This article is particularly dedicated to those who personally know me, and want to start meditating, and for those who already meditate. Love you all .

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