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More listening, more reading, less talking.

Being humans we have many physical gifts: we can look, we can listen, we can talk, we can touch.

We have been gifted with these amazing senses, but have you ever used them proportionally to their numbers? I’ll make it simpler to understand, have you open your mouth once and looked and listened twice?

Be aware when you speak, to use your words wisely, do not say something you will be regretting in the future. In some circumstances you might find your self with nothing to say or not knowing what to say, in those moments please think wisely to rather listen, to rather look.

I want to focus on the fact that being a good listener is wiser and more productive for your own cultural knowledge, simply because when you speak you are saying stuff that you already know, when you instead listen you have more possibility to learn something new. Simple eh, this is something the Dalai Lama said in an interview in the past. Speak up only when you are asked too, do not share your opinions if no one asked you for it. Don’t waste your energy, be clever and use your knowledge for those who want to listen to you and, want to learn from you.

So be aware, be conscious, be present and understand that the more you look and listen the more you learn. One day the time to talk and share your beliefs will arise and you will have earned the right to use your voice. Until then act with love. Your time will come, patience is a virtue. You got this.

With love and passion Giuseppe Nasti

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