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My wonders of existence

Waiting for the right things to write, when writing is the right thing to do, and we all know that things fall in place, in the right location only when you start them.

This article is written with no hand-brakes on, with no structure, but from this time on, I will unleash my words naturally, without thinking, but allowing my heart to speak to me

This is the true speaking. The universe speaking through us. The universe using our way of communication to share with everybody else the wisdom necessary for a healthy and sound life.

This also means: ups and downs, pain and pleasures, crying and laughing, working and enjoying time.

It is up to us to catch the right train at the right time.

If you waste your opportunities you waste your life.

Whatever comes take it, good or bad, safe or scary. Take everything life has to give you. You are here mainly for 2 reasons: experience a physical experience and lead your soul to the next spiritual step.

I recently came up with this conclusion: if physicists say that energy can’t never be created or destroyed, and everything in universe is energy too, from a philosophical point of view we are all actually born in the same time everything else was created, In the time of the Big Bang.

We are and we have always been eternal energy, no one can kill us, no one can create us. We are highlanders.

We are the universe and we are One of God’s creation.

Good night and keep enjoying life.

I love you

Take care Giuseppe Nasti


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