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Natural soft drinks or chemical Soft drinks dilemma

I have drunk so many soft drinks in my teenager life and in my twenties, that I really feel guilty to have put so much stress on my body.

Soft drinks are good only for one reason, who produces them. And clean the coins that are into the tips jars on the pub benches.

They are addictive, they are unhealthy, and they are not good at all for human bodies.

Honestly it is very hard to give up a beautiful glass of soda, or a great glass bottle of cola, and then that beautiful fizzy lemony taste of the lemonade. But after you read this article you might change idea.

An industrial soft drink on average has got 33 gr sugar for a can of 330 ml, roughly 3 table spoon of sugar. If you were going to drink a glass of water with 33 gr of sugar or any other synthetic sweetener you would be disgusted; so the industries have added into it the phosphoric acid. And that’s the trick to make us get addicted, lots of sugar to make our blood sugar level rise up to the sky, and then balance the flavour with the acid.

Sugar, we all know it has been scientifically proven to cause many diseases for humans, and we still use it into many meals. Diabetics, liver disfunction, pancreas cancer, obesity, migraine, and last but not for least cholesterol. In The last century the consumed amount of sugar eaten by an American person on average has increased over 30% percent a year.

Crazy eh. The numbers show that an average American person consumes between 67 and 77 kg of sugar per year. To follow we have the phosphoric acid which doesn’t allow our body to assimilate calcium causing osteoporosis, cavities, plaque, gum disease.

Artificial Sweeteners are not good too, they have been linked to increase chances of brain tumour, emotional disorder, diabetes, multiple sclerosis ect.

I believe this information are enough to make you stop drinking this rubbish. There are healthier way to enjoy your soft drinks.

I discovered last year the noble art of producing my own fizzy stuff, like:

Kefir water


These two probiotic drinks actually feed them self on sugar particles, eliminating the sweetness radically. While Feeding on the sugar they also produce CO2 that believe it or not makes these healthy drinks fizzy, bubbly and sparkly.

On my blog you’ll find the recipes for both.

Please make the right choice and don’t drink the soft drinks. They are bad, very bad for us. Give up on them

Get into the probiotic stuff. Come on.

I did it.

With love and passion

Giuseppen Nasti

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