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Oil pulling, how to have a smiling life.

Oil pulling is a very old procedure used to clean your mouth.

This ancient way of detoxing your mouth, has gone slowly forgotten in the centuries. Fortunately this natural way of cleaning your teeth has not been lost and somebody kept doing it and passed it on for generations.

It’s a very simple procedure that must be done first thing in the morning on a empty stomach, before you even drink your first glass of water.

During the night the body gets rid of as many  died cells and bacteria from the body. The mouth goes through the same process, and oil pulling helps you to eliminate those enemies.

There is nothing better than feeling your mouth healthy and being free to smile. This technique consist as follow.

Once you finished your time spit it in the bin or anywhere but not in your sink or toilet, fat will become solid again and obstruct your drains. Rinse your mouth with some  warm water for few times and brush your teeth. Now you are starting your day like you never did before. Making something amazing for your body and for your soul.

This technique is proved to prevent cavities, bad breath, gums bleeding, gums infections, and best for last whitening your teeth, etc. 

Also Dentists are agreeing with this technique. I have been doing it for 5 weeks now and it became part of my daily routine. And I have seen big progresses.

I’m sure you will start soon and you’ll see and feel the benefits of it after only 1 week.

I would like to suggest you few video that I watched to make me understand the correct procedure and the benefits of it.

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