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Pizza with sourdough

Sometimes I also like to share my recipes, I find sharing such an important thing in my life. Sharing is something that I consider unique. That the way to get to be remembered. Today it’s time for my pizza recipe.


  1. 1000 g plain or whole meal flour

  2. 100gr sourdough starter

  3. 600 g water

  4. 12,5 g Himalayan salt

See not many ingredients for this recipe. The most important is the sourdough


Mix our nice proved and bubbly starter with the water and flour, when still a bit in even add the salt and keep mixing until the gluten doesn’t develop the right elasticity.

Rest it into a bowl for 3 hours and then divide it into 4 balls.

Top it with your favourite flavour and bake it a t 225 degrees Celsius for 10-15 minutes.

You just need to enjoy it with your family now.

With love and passion,

Giuseppe Nasti

(Photo credit to the owner)

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