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Prunes and earl grey tea sourdough

We now start with some great creative flavours that really match tea or coffee time. This bread, in particular, will taste flowery and the prunes will give a nice burst of sweetness.

One good tip for this recipe, make the tea one day In advance.

Boil 750ml of water and infuse 3 earl grey tea bags for about 5 minutes and then store until it cools down for the next use.

In case the tea is organic, it might give to the bread even more enzymes and bacteria which will increase the activity of the starter.


  1. 800 gr white flour

  2. 200 gr spelt flour

  3. 200 gr pitted and diced prunes

  4. 700 gr of tea water

  5. 50 gr of rice malt

  6. 20 gr of salt

  7. 240 gr starter


Mix the tea, the starter and the malt, add the flour and just a secret, a teaspoon of earl grey tea mix ( use the tea into the bag).

Add the salt after 1 minute of mixing and rest for about 10 minutes.

When the dough is happy to be pulled and stretched and folded, add the diced prunes and make sure that those are chopped for a easier and more even distribution.

Bulk prove into the fridge,for only 12 hours and take it out to bring to room temperature.

Fold it from 1-4 times and then, pre shape and organise the proving baskets.

Prove overnight into the fridge or for 2 hours and bake at 235°C for about 40 minutes. Notice that these directions are meant to be used for a loaf of 750gr.

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