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Soul-utions for everything

Problems are most often created by the perceptions of our thoughts. All comes down to our minds strength.

I have, Today, the desire to focus on the behaviour that can give us the answer to our problems. I call it the Soul-ution. I’ve read many spiritual and motivational books that explain the fact that at birth we all carry the best gift of all. It is very hard to understand tough which one is the best gift of all. They mention so many. Ability to feel, ability to sense, ability to see, etc. The ability of feeling our emotions is the best feeling of all. Thats what I believe. That’s it. Simple. That is the skill we all need to develop. Nothing else is more important. Start today feel your guts. Also called the sixth sense, the feeling that brings your mind to good vibrations.

Follow your feelings, your intuition, your emphasis, your ecstasy, follow your heart. All the feelings that physically comes from your heart or close, are the feelings of love that you have to follow. That vibration that connects you with the Universe and through the law of attraction establishes the contact with what you have asked for most of the time.

Do not esitate, otherwise your brain takes control of your thoughts, you don’t want that. When the doubt comes rapidly riding a horse towards your mind, as Mel Robbins suggests in her book ( 5 seconds rule) start the countdown, 5-4-3-2-1, leave the doubts the back off your brain. Keep practising the art of awareness, because that all it is, that all you need. Please I really believe in you, you can really make a change. You have attracted with your thoughts, your beliefs and your energy this article to your eyes.

Now make an action of pure spirit for your self, for your inner self, for your soul. Your soul will help you find the right answers for your problems. Slowly you’ll understand that there are no problems and all you are perceiving is just happening, it’s a field of energy and you are just a shape or a form containing the same energy, but you can chose how to react and create or not a problem.

leave your problems and live

With passion and love

Giuseppe Nasti

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