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Sourdough for beginners

A kind man has shared it with the world. I now would love to share it with you, because it really is made with love.

You will only need a fresh living sourdough starter, with its perfumes and bubbles.

So once your sourdough starter is ready and pumping life and bubbles, get ready for a day of love and baking rewards.

Ingredients and preparation.

  1. 1000 gr flour

  2. 600 gr water

  3. 500 gr starter fed the night before with hydro 100%

  4. 16 gr salt

This is time for you to mix all these ingredients together, by hand or with a dough machine.

If you are using your hands and strength it will probably very long and hard, but you will be so happy at the end, it is worth it.

If you have a dough machine you can just let the machine do the mixing and kneading and the hard work. Mix and knead until the dough being sticky start to get very smooth and polished.

There is no timing on this effort, it’s all up to your stamina and strength.

Once the dough is ready and silky turn it into a ball and rub it with your oil greased hands. Let it rest about 3-4 hours at room temperature, then portion it into our bread proving baskets, for this recipe you’ll need about 3 baskets. So divide your bread on 3 even big buns and start folding and kneading making the out layer nice and tight.

10 minutes to the end Slightly open the oven door or the valve to make the steam get out and allow the crust to dry up and become crunchier.

I’ll leave you the link to also check the guy who shared the recipe, he is super cool, and he really loves baking.

Leave a comment down below if you are going to attempt your sourdough. I’m very curious to see how well you go.

With love, passion and respect Giuseppe Nasti

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