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Spinach and garlic bread

Hello guys, here we are with another amazing recipe. This time with the beautiful double color spinach and garlic bread

Doughs have to be prepared simultaneously.

spinach dough

  1. 1 kg Kialla organic white flour

  2. 400 gr water

  3. 500 gr spinach

  4. 20 gr salt

  5. 10 gr malt (not essential)

  6. 200 gr sourdough starter

Very simply start by blending in a food processor or with a stick blender the cold water and the spinach.

Now mix by hand or with the dough machine flour, water and spinach mix and salt. Knead only until the dough is mixed enough to stay together.

Rest over night or as long as you can. The longer the better for a nice elastic dough. This process is called Autolysing.

Next step is to add malt and starter. And knead for about 8 minutes. Or until the starter has been completely mixed through ( if you do by hand).

Now put the dough aside and start the classic folding technique to obtain the airy crumb.

White bread:

  1. 1 kg Kialla white flour.

  2. 650 gr water cold

  3. 10 gr malt

  4. 20 gr salt

  5. 200 gr starter

  6. 3 garlic cloves finely chopped

As above mix and autolyse flour, water and salt.

Obtain a rough mix and rest for as long as you can.

The day after or when you are ready add he starter and the malt, and the chopped garlic. Following the same time s the above recipe knead the Dough until nice and smooth.

Put both doughs into a greased containers and keep folding for 4 times every 4 hours.

Shaping the dough.

After the folding had been done correctly, the dough should result nice and fluffy and you should be able to see some bubbles.

Shape the spinach into 1 ball and one flat dough sheet. Make sure the ball steps nice and light don’t press it too much, or you lose the air pockets. Do the same with the garlic dough.

Now place both balls on top of each other and place them onto the center of the rolled spinach dough and enclose the balls inside.

Now wrap the white rolled dough around the big sphere and put into a banneton to prove until it doubles in size.

Once proven, dust them with flour and score them.

Bake at 220°c for about 50 minutes, if you do loaf of a kg.

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Take care, I hope you like this recipe and good luck.


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