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Sweet winter sourdough with citrus zest, apricot and sultana

Sweet sourdough with sultana and and pine nuts.

Recipe 6 of seven is a take on the Famous Italian Christmas bread: “the” panettone.

Flavour wise the mix of orange, lemon and vanilla will take you flavour buds to a trip, in Italy, during the Christmas festive time.

Remember that this is a bread so it will only have the panettone nuances and a bread texture.

To start with grate the skin of 1 orange and 1 lemon and stir it into a saucepan with 600 ml of water, this will be your panettone essence. Once it’s cooled down, add 2 table spoons of vanilla essence.


  1. 1 kg strong flour

  2. 650 ml panettone essence( prepared in advance)

  3. 200 gr candied citrus

  4. 150 gr dry apricot

  5. 50 gr sultanas

  6. 75 gr butter ( melted)

  7. 200 gr sourdough starter

  8. 20 gr of salt


Dissolve the starter into the flavoured water (panettone essence) and add the flour and the melted butter.

When it’s crumbly add the salt and knead for a big longer.

Rest it autolosing for 30 minutes, start the folds and add the dry fruit.

Keep folding at least until the dough doesn’t start showing signs of proving. Which is indicated by the fluffiness of the dough.

Shape it into a cob and prove over night at room temperature, into a baking dish, that has the walls high enough to keep the dough from spreading. A pot suitable for baking or a Dutch oven should make the trick.

Before baking, make a mixture of 50 gr eggwhite, 100 gr of sugar and decor the top of the loaf. Make cross cut on top.

Bake at 220° C into a pot, covered with a lid or foil for about 35 minutes, remove the top cover and continue baking for another day 15 minutes.

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