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The benefits of the Info-food

The food contains data for our cell and brain to elaborate. These are the information our body needs to evolve with nature. In balance and at the same time.

This is a topic that is very important. Easy to understand. To understand it quicker and positively I want you to take a step out of classic thinking. I would like you to think as yourself as a computer. A computer that analyses data and acquires files and info through it.

I have made researches, watched YouTube videos and especially of an old wise man back in Sicily, his name is Salvatore Paladino and he calls him self Tureddu. He also labels him self as one of the last Hessenic alive.

He says, believes and preaches about food, environment, energy and conspiracy. I personally love him. I had my spiritual shift listening to him. He is a great human being.

He defines food as information for your body. Our body becomes what we eat, from the point of view that we use the data contained into the plants or fruit or anything else to feed our cells. It works like a big living computer (human).

Every seed every plant every species has an important task on his journey which is: evolve.

For example: a seed contains much for data than what a tree does and for the reason that a seed still need to develop and become that tree, on the other hand the tree has gone through much more: bad weather, drought, wet season, summer, spring, fall, winter for years. All these information have now been kept in the tree memory. A memory that makes evolution, a memory that helps the tree or the plants deliver a better seed the next season.

This is how also human works.

It is important than that what we eat is young and organic, so we can give to our cells proper data to transform into what we call energy but that it is only information for our body eventually.

I have to be honest there is nothing more satisfying that knowing that what you are putting inside your body, lives, alive within you, giving you and exchanging with you its experience, its DNA, its important info.

I live my life now being aware of that trying to eat my seeds as often as possible, giving my brains more content and data to develop, study and evolve through it.

Start today introducing important sprouts of seeds like, sunflower, corn, wheat, barley, lentils, chickpeas, beans, mustard, fresh herbs and everything. Forage if you have time and knowledge prime food from the bushes around you, harvest natural fruit, and when you can always eat what you grow.

I conclude saying that I bought my self a sprouter because I dream of living very long. Because I want to be self healing and healthy. Because I give value to the food, I am grateful that I can taste their flavors and thank God I can still talk about it.

I hope you really like and enjoy reading this piece of knowledge. I also hope that you find this blog of good value. Please share if you believe this article could be of deep value for people you care about.

Love and passion, take care.

Giuseppe Nasti

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