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The number 1 ingredient of succesful sourdough is...

Hi there.

Many of you have searched and looked everywhere for the right recipe, because all that you are doing is not giving you what you want, what you always dreamed of making when you decided to start baking.

So frustrating!!!

Is it right???

I have punched my bench many times, my face was becoming read, breathing heavily and almost losing my temper, amd all because i could not understand why, I was failing.

I bought and followed many Sourdough Gurus all of them have 1 thing in common: they tell you what the recipe is, but not how to make sourdough bread, actually, that is not correct, they don't explain what the system is.

Nothing never works!!!


Pick a recipe, any recipe. The secret of sourdough is in the concept. Every recipe actually works.

The concept of patience and letting go of fear and stress.

Sourdough baking only requires time, through experience you will be able to bake, and by experience I also mean, many flat unproven breads.

So my super special trick is not in the recipe but rather in themethod that I simplify like this: double your dough, any dough always. You will never fail.

400 gr flour 100 gr sourdough starter (better if it is a levain or preferment) 10 gr salt 300 gr water.

The dough will feel sticky, it's ok. Once all ingredients are mixed through well into a rough dough let it sit there for an hour. Forget about it. Leave mother nature do its job.

Then go back to it. Pick up a little piece of dough and fold it into the middle of the dough. If your hands get sticky again, wet them, with some cold water. Keep doing this procedure that we baker call, stretch and fold, until the dough feels rigid or stressed.

Now it is the nice part. Let it prove. Nothing else. Once you have arrived to this point your dough will also be ready to be baked.

It's all about shaping now. Try to go for a loaf or a ball. The better that you can, don't try to reach perfection at your first attempt.

Only YOUR expectations need to be met, nobody else's. Don't compare yourself to any other person. This is your journey.



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