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The perfect way to make your own starter culture and the biggest mistakes that make you fail

People!!! Listen, if you want to try make your own starter effectively and quickly, you only need this advice trust me. Success is sound the corner with my tips.

Let’s start from the practical part and forget about the theory, because at the end you want to bake, don’t ya?

I start by mixing my 2 only ingredients:

  1. Organic white flour 35 gr

  2. Organic rye flour 10 gr

  3. Tap water 50 gr

I use this proportion to feed my starter even after the birth.

For the first couple of days we need to leave the container open as much as we can to give our bait ( the starter culture ) to attract the wild yeast in te air. I’m actually not worried at all to also put it outside if you have the luck of having a backyard.

Just keep swimming, ops steering, until you see bubbles on the surface of the mixture. Once you see the bubbles appearing you can count 12-24 hours and then start your feeding procedure.

The first week I suggest you to feed it only once a day and if you can keep it on your bench covered with a cheese cloth to let it breath.

So many times we hear experts saying that the starter needs to be fed every day since day one, but what’s the point if you are still looking to collect wild yeast from the air, and your culture is still just a bait? You need patience and guidance.

During the second week discard half of what you have accumulated, ( make sure you don’t use it as part of the compost), and start feeding it twice a day for 5 days. Keep going until you see that your starter doesn’t double size in 4-6 hours. If it takes longer than that you need to wait until that happens.

Once you achieve it “double goal” you can start baking.

We also have a Facebook group, please join us, to learn and contribute to help other people achieving their goal of baking the perfect sourdough.

we have also launched a new website brother of this one Called nastikitchen, check it out when you can.

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