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The transparent gold

Water is that thing that shows you how energy moves.

Water is the only thing we can find naturally in 3 different states on hearth: liquid, gas or frozen.

Water has the power to build or destroy. 

Water has the power to heal and relax.

Water is the key factor to be healthy, water is a miracle.

I discovered the power of water just recently after I  have read a book that says that most of obese population is overweight because they are thirsty. Strange isn’t it.  The problem is that instead of understanding the fact that they need water, they feel hungry and eat, but their need for hydration is still unsatisfied.

I have tested the beneficial properties that water has on our body directly on my self.

I used to drink very little in my life, but thanks to John Gabriel and his book I have learnt the importance of  keeping my body hydrated all the time. I was speechless and so happy by the result.

Water works as a river, in our system. Imagine the water flowing around your vessel and your cells, from head to toes, grabbing all dirt and toxins from your blood. Imagine the water flowing trough all the fat cells in your body and taking them to the exit door of your body.

Yes this is what water does in our body, keeps us clean from toxins and parassite.

The more you drink, the more you cleanse. It is just that simple. Drinking water helps you as well for weight loss. How? Simply by filling up your stomach and detoxifying your body. The less toxins you have in your body the less your brain would want to old on fat ( the toxins are kept inside the fat cells, the fat cells works like a shield,  a protection for our organs from toxins,  losing fat makes  you detoxify your self.). Simple? Yes very simple. Rapidly you will get  to understand how natural all of this is. It really is!!!

Start by drinking (filtered) water, at least 3 litres a day, but more is better, be ready to run to the toilet at least every hour. You will notice after the first 5-6 ours that your urine will be much more clear, looking like water. That is a very good sign. Keep going, this is not a week or a month cure, this must be the cure for the rest of your life. If  You want to be healthy this is your first step. This is the main secret to a healthy life.

I believe in you. I know you can do it, and especially I know that you want to do it. Who doesn’t  dream a healthy life.

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