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I am Italian, as you know, but recently my bosses have asked me to produce something I have never done before. The Tsoureki. I love the spices of it. The fragrant perfume of the essence of Greek spices like Mahlepi and Mastika. These 2 spices are essential for an Authentic flavour, and believe me, Greek people really love their Tsoureki and they will not be scared of giving you their feedback. The Tsoureki is basically a sweet spiced brioche. Some etymologists say that it was originated in Turkey because the words derived from one of they root words; others say it is Persian. I really don’t mind the origin, I just know that it is delicious for any time and for different purposes. I often suggest to toast in the morning and serve it with some nice marmalade, but I also love to put some blue cheese or some Parmesan and pecorino with it. Also a good match with prosciutto and speck. After a short introduction it is time to share the recipe with you. But before all a very important note. For this preparation the dough mixer is most often essential, because a very important characteristic of this bread is that it is very stretchy because of the development of the gluten. If in any case you don’t have the machine and want to try and do it, I suggest to you to make the dough the day before without any dry yeast and butter. Ingredients:

  1. Flour ( strong) 600 gr

  2. 160 gr sugar

  3. 3 large eggs

  4. 1 pinch salt

  5. 200 ml milk

  6. 8 gr dry yeast

  7. 6 gr mahlepi

  8. 3 gr mastika

  9. 125 gr warm water

  10. 125 gr soft butter

Preparation: Start by activating the yeast in the warm water ( if you are making the dough by hand, make this step the day after. Next is to mix the eggs, sugar and milk into a bowl, add the salt and the grounded spices. Mix and add the activated dry yeast solution. Now slowly mix the dough for about 10-20 minutes, maybe even longer is necessary. The dough is ready to host its new ingredient when it gets away from the side of the bowl.


At this moment it is time to add the butter and wait until it’s all been absorbed by the dough. Now prove the dough for about 1 hour. Cut it into 2 equal parts. And cut the sequent 2 parts into 3 more pieces. You mast have now 6 smaller sizes doughs.

Enjoy this amazing bread with your family and invite some Greek friend. Hella. With love, Take care Giuseppe Nasti.

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