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What’s wrong with dry food? Nothing if you are aware of it.

Every day is a new day and every day makes me feel like we have to know more and more. In this case I also feel like I want to share. Knowledge is important but it is more important if you apply your knowledge in your daily life.

I really feel like I want to help people become aware of their daily life. Especially for what concerns alimentation.  Today I want to take in consideration “Dry food”. This sort of quick disposable food in these days is part of our main diet, unfortunately, we often eat seeds, nuts, crackers, muesli bars, biscuits, cereals, corn cakes, rice cakes, and more and more, when we do not have time, when we are in a rush, or when we just grab something out of the pantry for a munchies. But we do not know how to actually eat this kind of dry elements.  I consider dry food everything that is actually processed through dehydration. This process gets rid of the water inside the natural product, and only to lengthen the shelf life of the products.  It is not a benefit for our health but only for the industries.

We are engineered to eat wet food, raw food and rich in water which is the main ingredient for life.

When we put these dry snacks into our body they start by binding them self with water again, in this moment our body water level reduces. That is why it is very important to be hydrated. Once the food has absorbed all the amount of water it needed it has at least doubled its size. So your stomach will double it’s size too, because of a natural physic process.

I also would like to explain that mostly everything that is processed today it is not very healthy. All this food in Nature is moist or rich in water content. Nuts, cereals, corn, rice, buckwheat, beans, even seeds before being dry out in cold and windy or hot and sunny days contain water. Water is the key to every form of life on this planet, and for so it is important that we are aware to bring water back to its owner. For better health and life.

Happy gut happy life.

But there is a way, for you, to still enjoy this crunchy bits and especially nuts and seeds. You can activate them in water from a minimum of 4 hours for cashews and pistachios to 8-12 hours for almonds, Brazilian nuts and hazelnut. Seeds can also be activated for couple of hours. Once the soaking time is finished you can either eat them like that or also store them in the fridge or freezer to be enjoyed in a different moment.

The process of  activation brings actually back to life the nut or seed, and so once you’ll eat them  you won’t  need any extra water and also the informations that your body will  get out of that super food will be amazing.

I will talk to you about food like- Information-Like in the next article.

For now it’s a see you soon

With love and health

Giuseppe Nasti

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