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What you save is more important than what you earn

If you earn 50.000,00$ or 10.000.000,00$ a year it makes not difference. It actually doesn’t; if you have your hands slippery your money will run off your hands anyway. Eventually you will find your self struggling to arrive at the end of the week.

There have been so many people wanting to show us what to save, how much to save and also how to create a spending budget. Not many have created or invented the secret formula.

There is only one major component in our life that 90% of population doesn’t do and we should all start doing, ( I have actually started). Do you have ever payed your self for your tendered services at the end of the week. See, I’m sure most of you haven’t even thought about it. Well that’s the first step to get closer to save money for your dream. Nothing is better and more satisfying then seeing your bank account increase every week.

I’ll suggest to you, as a very good friend of mine did to me, to read the book “The Barefoot investor”, and also a much older book written at the beginning of the past century called ” the richest man in Babylon”. These two books make clear the fact that we have to reward our self at least with 10% of what we earn every week. At least. And I also suggest to do not spend more than 20% of your new personal reward. Save more than you can, And don’t touch your 10%, you have earned it with sweat and hard work. Don’t waste it in stuff tho will regret.

Start saving your 10% percent and feel proud of your own way of earning money. Once you have a great amount of money don’t waste it. Buy these two books and learn the art of investing and get the most out of your life. Believe me it has changed my bank account too. I believe you can do too.

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Giuseppe Nasti

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