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Where there is a “will” there is a way.

Inspiration arrives when you least expect it. -Giuseppe Joe Nasti

This morning, as a normal working day, I was having a chat with my working mates and during a conversation something had got my attention. He said if there is will, there is a way. That is so deep and very strong to me.

So as a miracle, inspiration arrived when I least expected it, and it was like a flash in the sky at night, like a drop of rain in a sunny day, like a cold breeze in a hot wet summer day. It was really awakening.

I’m glad, that If aware, we are able to understand signs, this was a sign, and I took it and understood it.

I found my self at 1.10am on a Sunday night In Adelaide trying to understand the words that Universe is trying to tell me, and only because I really believe, as I repeatedly say, that we are unique, connected beings, part of the same field of energy.

At least my humble believe is that I’m here writing down a message, a message for those who are willing to change, a message for those who are wanting to make a difference in their lives, a message for those who feel like they deserve more.

Be aware that every little step you are walking today is a step that is taking you closer to your purpose, your role, your dream. If it is not a dream what you are running after, leave it now. Make your self a favour and do what you think you deserve. Work, study, and practise what you want. Let your self flow towards your goal. Make your goal a dream, and it will be achievable.

You are your own smart guy-de. You are your own creator of circumstances, you are the creator of your surrounding. With your mentality you can now accomplish any task, any dream, any goal.

With love and passion

Giuseppe Nasti

thank you so much

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