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White sourdough bread, easy and tasty

This recipe is very simple requires little to very little hard work, and the good thing is that can be made when you still struggling with time.

If you are a mum, a dad, a chef, a Nonna, or nonno, this is the recipe for you.

So let’s get dirty…


  1. 500 gr flour ( I use Kialla)

  2. 300 gr water ( I use filtered)

  3. 12 gr salt ( Himalayan)

  4. 100 gr starter

To begin see that there are only 4 ingredients ehhh, so strange but it is true.

Start by mixing water and starter for few minutes, then add the flour making sure that you make it slowly and delicately fall into the previous mix.

After few minutes of mixing when the dough is still crumbly add the salt and a slightly knead it with you hands until all the flour has been absorbed.

At this point you can do few folds and then put it into the fridge and forget it until tomorrow.

In the morning take it out, bring it to room temperature and fold it for 4 times every 15 minutes.

Put it back in the fridge until tomorrow, again.

On the second day take it out, proceed with few more folds and rest for 30 minutes.

Divide the dough into 2 banneton or leave it into 1 big cob or loaf.

Fold it and shape as per routine and place it in the proving basket until tomorrow again.

In this baking morning, let turn the oven on and get ready with the bread. Score the top of the bread generously deep. Design the pattern that you prefer.

Bake at 235°C for about 35-45 minutes…

Make sure you enjoy this beauty with who you love.

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Take care


Also check this video if you want to see more details.

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