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Why your starter hasn’t born yet? I know why! Let me tell you this…

My starter is not starting why?

It is very simple, you are missing the first important quality that you need to have which is patience, if you have patience your starter could be born in a matter of 2 to 10 days.

It takes only one major attention, one detail that makes it perfect and makes you to achieve your goal quickly.

My method is very simple:

I put 120 gr of flour ( whole meal and possibly organic), and 130 gr of filtered or rain water. The enzymes and bacteria contained into both ingredients should be enough to give the boost that the starter needs to start fermenting.

I have helped many people developing their first starter and they have all been successful with the following tips.

The first tip consists of mixing the mixture often during the first days or until you start seeing some bubbles on top.

Second tip is that you do not have to feed the starter until you see the bubbles, or you will just be starting the whole process again and again. Feeding needs to be done when fermentation is started.

Third tip is, the better the flour the quicker the starter will ferment, when I say better the flour I mean that you have to use organic ingredients.

Tip number four is to keep the starter In a glass jar, so you can see through, and understand if there is any bubbling going on inside; and put a nice wet cotton cloth, cheese cloth or tea towel over the top, make sure you keep this last bit always moist.

Last tip is the rubber band tip. To check the levels of my starters I always put a rubber band around the jar on the same place the starter sits. This makes me understand if it is raising or not. It always work.

Remember to feed your starter only once it starts bubbling this is the main tip, to keep in mind.

Then, once it is ready, feed it every day for a month discarding of some every time you feed it.

Good luck and if you are going to follow this tips and method make sure you subscribe to this blog and leave your feedback on the Facebook

Enjoy your baking.

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