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The art of sourdough

The art of sourdough

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This is my first e-book, the result of 21 years of career in the hospitality business as a chef. This a collection of the recipes that I developed for my blog. My recipes and videos and instructions are a birth between mathematics, concept and philosophy.

This book is mostly orientated on driving you to develop a creative side and take your creations to the next level. Creativity in baking basic bread now days is a must, accompanied by my theories of fermentation that you will find in the first pages. I want to give the opportunity to pick my brain and be inspired to by this collection. 


This is the first written resource I've decided to create with the aid of an Angel called Alice.

The book contains a table of content to reach your recipes easier and full immersion recipes. This resource is a pdf and can be downloaded on your devices. Android and ios.


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